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PAST MASTER COUNCILOR'S SERVICE AWARD                             
The Award itself is an attractive gold-colored medal and is granted without charge. Qualifying for the PMC-MSA is an exercise in good program planning. The following requirements must be fulfilled for qualification:
.Prior to his installation, the Master Councilor must memorize and show proficiency in his portion of the Ritual
2.Before his installation, he must present and distribute a printed planned program to all Advisors and Chapter members. All events and dates planned for his term should be listed in printed form.
3.At the beginning of his term (and within 10 days of his installation), the Master Councilor must send a letter to the Executive Officer or his representative. The letter must:
-State his intent to qualify for the award.
-State his plans for a successful term.
-State that Ritual work has been memorized.
-Include a copy of his printed term plan or program.
-Include any other information that may be important.
-Be countersigned by the Chapter Advisor.
Councilor must filfull the following:
1.Exemplify both degrees of the Order, along with his degree teams, from memory, at least once during his term of office
2.Initiate his pro-rata share of the Chapter's membership goal during his term, or the Chapter must initiate its total Chapter membership goal during the year that begins with his installation.
3.Hold at least one social, civic,Masonic Service, athletic and fund raising activity in the Chapter.
4.Observe each Obligatory Day that falls during his term.
5.Establish a program that increases or maintains a high level of attendance at Chapter Meetings.
6.Summit all Form 10's, reporting new intiates during his term of office to the Service and Leadership Center with full payment, within 10 days following initiation.
7.See that all of the Chapter's required reports reach the Service and Leadership Center before the delinquent date, if the due date falls on his term.
Also a letter must be sent to the Executive Officer within 10 days of the end of the Master Councilors term notifying of the end of the term.



The Representative DeMolay Award is the highest self-achievement award an Active and Senior DeMolays can earn. It's a self-assessment program where you progress toward goals you set for yourself. You complete a detailed survey of your intrests, achievements, general knowledge and habits.

The Representative DeMolay Award is a revealing study of the type of person you are. You rate your progress in the fields of mental, physical, social, economic and spiritual development. You evaluate your own status, and you analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. The Representative DeMolay Award tells the world that your have already established a list of definite accomplishments.
      "Dad" Land said it was his dream that every DeMolay should be a Representative DeMolay. The Representative DeMolay Program was first established in 1924, and for many years was a competition to select outstanding DeMolays. In 1935, the program was redesigned to fill a growing need for self-evaluation by every DeMolay.
      DeMolay initiation ceremonies provide great inspiration. However, DeMolay precepts and standards must become part of a person's thoughts and actions in everyday life.  Character is the automatic reaction of an individual,in both thought and action, to everything that occurs during his waking hours. Character cannot be taught from books. It must be developed by experience. The DeMolay purpose of developing and improving character.
      The Representative DeMolay Program also includes official activites incolcing the whole Chapter, as well as activities affecting large or small groups of DeMolays, or individual members.
      A DeMolay must have a minimum of six months membership by the time he files his Representative DeMolay Apllication Form. He must also have earned his Obligation Card. An application form can be found in chapter 9 of the  DeMolay Leaders Resource Book.
       While answering questions on the final form, a DeMolay analyzes his thoughts and actions, and can readily evaluate them to see if they are appropriate. When completed, the final form must be signed by the Chapter Advisor or Representative or Representative DeMolay Advisor. Then it should be forwarded to the Executive Officer or his designated representative. Content, neatness spelling and grammar are considered when the final form is graded. Each are of qualification is reviewed to indicate the applicant's strengths and weakness's

Here's a closer look at some of the subjects covered on the Representative DeMolay "Final" Application Form:
        Self-Expression--In this section, you document your experience in self-expression. Examples include being an pfficer with a speaking part, presenting committee reports, debating and participating in a DeMolay forum, mock legislature or court.
        Hobbies--Hobbies aid the development of character and personality. This requirement says the DeMolay has developed an interest outside of himself. It demonstrates his desire for independence, a sense of personal responsibility and pride in one's accomplishments.
        Physical Activities--Physical activity is vital to healthy growth. Opportunities are available to any member, including sports activities offered by the Chapter.
         Religious Activities--Although this requirement is left up to the individual, the Representative DeMolay Advisor should encourage the Chapter's program, to help all members to have a well-balanced religious life.
         DeMolay Activities--Active and interested DeMolays can fulfill this requirement easily. With a little extra effort, a member can attain high offices and honors.
         Citizenship--It is important for every DeMolay to become a public-spirited citizen, willing to contribute time and effort to promote the public welfare. Many of the official activities of the Chapter will contribute something to this purpose. Each member should be informed about current public and civic events. Emphasis should be placed on the importance of maintaining our democratic form of government, appreciating the Constitution of the United States, and maintaining competent and unprejudiced courts.
         Civics--Civics should not be confused with citizenship. Knowledge of government, and how it works, may be used to the advantage of the community Discussion of the duties of elected and appointed officials will be helpful in citizenship training.
Many Chapters appoint a special Representative DeMolay Advisor. He can provide a great support for the Representative DeMolay applicant by setting up special classes, following progress and arranging for proper presentation of the award.
           Each Representative DeMolay pledges to help at least other DeMolay earn this award each year. The Representative DeMolay Advisor appoints the new awardee as a Big Brother who helps another member earn a Representative DeMolay Award. A special dinner or event for each set of Big and Little Brothers who have accomplished their tasks adds enthusiasm to the program.
The Representative DeMolay Ceremony should be performed for each member who recieves the award. This impressive ceremony will inform the community about the purposes of DeMolay. It is important to convince school superintendents, principles, ministers, editors, and other community leaders to attend. Also invite members of your sponsoring body. Attending this ceremony will increase their interest in DeMolay. Invite parents of prospective members or the general public, too.
           Announcing ceremony dates at the beginning of the year will encourage candidates to complete their records. The Representative DeMolay Ceremony also may be combined with the presentation of other awards.


Merit Bars primarily are awards that recognize DeMolays for achievement in some phase of Chapter activity. Religion and scholastics are the two exceptions. Merit Bars are awarded to individual members on the recommendation of the Awards Advisor. The Advisory Council makes the final decision about whether an individual has met the requirements for each bar.
         Each Merit Bar is produced in five colors. Each color designates the number of times a DeMolay has received a bar in that category. The color designations are
     1st award : White
     2nd award : Red
     3rd award : Blue
     4th award : Purple
     5th award : Gold
      Each time a DeMolay achieves the next award in a category, he turns in his present bar and receives the next higher award (next color). As a result, at no time would he display more than 18 bars.
      Most Chapters have a "Merit Bank" administered by the Awards Advisor. The Bank is a depository for merit bars turned in by older members as they progress to different colored bars. For example, a member who earns a red athletics bar would turn in the white one. The white one, in turn, would be presented to a Chapter member earning his first athletics award. New Merit Bars must be purchased from the DeMolay and More Store.
       It is best to present the Merit Bars to the Awardees at a ceremony. The names of the recipients also should be published in the local and/or Chapter newspaper. Here are the basic requirements for earning each of the Merit Bars:
       Athletic -- For participating in a Chapters athletic program a full year, with a minimum of six game competitions in one or more sports.
       Attendance -- For perfect attendance at regular meetings for one year in a member's Chapter or, if away from home, for the same number of meetings at another Chapter. Make-up meetings counted toward the Attendance Bar may not be used to fulfill the requirements of the Visitation Bar.
       Civic Service -- For 10 hours of service on behalf of the Chapter, without financial remuneration to the individual or the Chapter, in three different civic service projects.
       Conclave -- For attending three state, jurisdiction or provincial conclaves as a participant or visitor.
       Fine Arts -- For membership in a DeMolay musical group, with a minimum of six performances, or for participating in a minimum of two Chapter theatrical performances.
       Fund-Raising -- For working on at least three different fund-raising projects for the Chapter, for a total of 20 hours, without direct financial remuneration to himself.
       Installing -- For participating in six Chapter installation ceremonies as a member of the installing team.
       Journalism -- For serving as a Chapter newspaper staff member for one year, during which a minimum of sex issues were published and forwarded to the Service and Leadership Center
       Correspondence Course -- For successful completion of each lesson of the five-part Leadership Correspondence Course. This bar is automatically sent to the individual member on completion of the course
       Masonic Attendance -- For bringing 10 different Master masons in good standing to a DeMolay Chapter meeting. The awardee must list each Mason and have the list confirmed by both the Master Councilor and the Chapter Advisor. In order for the visits to count toward the award, which is limited to one bar a year, the visiting Masons may not be an Advisor of any Chapter.
       Masonic Service -- For participating in three different Chapter Masonic service projects, for a minimum of 10 hours without payment to either the individual or the Chapter.
       Membership-- For being t he first line signer on three membership applications of individuals who subsequently are initiated in the Chapter.
       Merit--For contributing 20 hours of service to DeMolay in an area not covered by another bar without payment to the individual or the Chapter.
       Priory-- For being a member in good standing of a Priory for a minimum of one year and for attending two-thirds of the Priory functions. The Priory must have held a minimum of six activities other than regular meetings. The bar may be ordered by the Priory Advisors.
       Religion-- For not missing a regular weekly religious service for one full year.
       Scholastic-- For maintaining a B grade average for one full year of school.
       Visitation-- For six visitations at regular Chapter meetings of Chapters other than one's own, or for a total traveled distance of 150 miles one way
       Ritual-- For sustained and UNUSUALLY HIGH-QUALITY WORK in the performance of DeMolay Ritual parts with a minimum of 125 points earned according to the ISC point scale. Points usually are based on the number of lines in a part. Points are awarded each time that part is given. Contact the Executive Officer for more information on jurisdictional guidelines. Because memorization may not assure impressive delivery, the applicant may be denied the bar because of his poor delivery. This action would need to be approved by the Awards and/or Ritual Advisor. The following outline is the ISC scale for earning points. REMEMBER: these are only point scales for achieving Ritual merit bars.

       Initiatory Degree             Points
       Master Councilor                  40
       Marshal                                25
       Senior Councilor                   20
       Senior Deacon                      20
       Junior Councilor                    20
       Chaplain                               10
       Preceptors                            15
       Senior Steward                      5
       Junior Steward                       5

       DeMolay Degree
       Master Councilor                   35
       Jacques DeMolay                  50
       Master Inquisitor                   45
       Junior Inquisitor                     25
       Orator                                   25
       Senior Inquisitor                    10
       Guy of Auvergne                    5
       Senior Guard                         5
       Marshal                                 5
       Lord Constable                      5

       Representative DeMolay Ceremony
       Chancellor                             50  
       Herald                                    5
       Majority Service
Master Councilor                    25
       Senior Councilor                     10
       Junior Councilor                      20
       Chaplain                                   5

       Flower Talk                           40

       Ceremony of Light               


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